About Grafton Doyle

Grafton Doyle is a Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, and the CEO of Pop-Up TheatreLA!.  His talents cross many mediums where he has settled in Los Angeles full time.  Grafton is currently starring as a series regular in the new spinoff of the well-known soap opera series, “Dante’s Cove: The Next Generation.”

His passion for entertaining, however, goes well beyond the stage or camera. He truly enjoys cooking and hosting friends, families, or guests. Grafton loves to provide meaningful and soulful experiences that capture the true essence of sophisticated yet down to earth living.  He likes to share his experiences through exceptional farm to table food, with an emphasis on organic and new American cuisine.  Cross influences from his travels have also given him the inspiration to share such richness in food and culture.

When it comes to experimenting in the kitchen, Grafton likes cooking modern-day, new american dishes as well as Thai, Mexican, and Mediterranean food. He is looking forward to launching a video series that gives viewers a fun, interactive approach to cooking and sharing recipes.